A facility, a guide, a happy way of life.

It is natural to take stock as a new year begins, and taking better care of ourselves is certainly a good idea. The reputation that New Year’s resolutions have (regarded skeptically and thought of as not likely to last) is a reputation that the world of fitness is better off without.

Making Nature’s Beauty Part of Your Fitness Routine

What works instead, for most of us, is to look at all that we can enjoy when we make movement and exercise a regular experience, and then build those activities into what we expect from our day, our week, our month or even our life. “Four times this week,” works better as a goal than, “Size four by Easter.”

The opportunities to reach those goals are all around us on Callawassie Island. Your choices of golf, tennis, walking, running, biking, kayaking and more are right at your doorstep. Moreover, the setting for these activities is an ever-changing scene of natural beauty so fine that it is certified by both the Audubon Society and the National Wildlife Federation as a habitat and sanctuary.

A Center for More Than Exercise

This backdrop of beauty is a reminder that the fitness practices people stick with, and the ones we benefit most from, involve more than exercise alone. The Fitness Center at Callawassie Island offers state-of-the-art equipment for aerobic and strength exercises and much, much more.  Exercise is only one piece of the mind-body-spirit way of life, mirroring the warmth, balance and connection we find here on Callawassie Island.

Membership Director Lindsey Cooler is quick to point this out. “While yes, this is a place for exercise, it is much more than that,” she said. “This is a place where you can come to unwind, a place to better both your mind and your body.”

For Guidance and Encouragement

Backed by a carefully selected team that includes personal trainers, physical therapists and wellness instructors, our Callawassie Island Fitness Director, Cyndi May, has a story of her own about fitness, which opened the door to an even more enjoyable life.

Her motivation was very clear. “My son, Preston,” she says when she is asked how she found fitness. “He is 18 now, but as a baby, Preston had colic for one whole year. So, when my husband came home, I would hand him the baby and go. I first created my job as an aerobics teacher at Parris Island, and that eventually led me to teach at Callawassie Island.”

As Cyndi pursued her own goals, she grew in learning and appreciation of the many paths to fitness that can help a person develop a real sense of wellbeing. Under Cyndi’s guidance, our Fitness Center includes a mind and body studio. Guest instructors of Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, and other fitness disciplines are regular resources here, along with nutritional programs and health screenings.

Your Choice, Your Pace

Callawassie Islander residents make their own choices and set their own pace on their journey towards wellness. Many of us find it so instinctual to carry on a regular fitness practice that our commitment to wellness goes almost unnoticed here. Training and workouts are just part of a normal week for lots of our residents, and we’d probably only notice them if they were missing from the Fitness Center that day.

Fortunately, they never go missing. We have made fitness and wellbeing as much a part of life on Callawassie Island as our natural beauty.  Moreover, in fact, they are woven together.