Sweet Grass Meets Sweet Life | Callawassie Island

Sweet Grass Meets Sweet Life

as Clothing Brand Spartina 449 Introduces the Callawassie Collection

Throughout the lowcountry there are names and phrases that ring a sensory bell of southern charm. Words we recognize that tell the story of people, place, and peaceful pace. Spartina 449 is a little bit of all the above, telling the whole story in the story behind its name.

Created on an island for an island lifestyle, Daufuskie Island originated Spartina 449 – the women’s brand that “embodies the true spirit of island living” – has added a new leaf of local identity with the creation of the “Callawassie” line of clothing and accessories.

Named for the area’s spartina grass, the Spartina brand was built on imagining a regionally reflective look where “linen and leather married with colorful patterns and timeless island stories.” Continuing in that refined spirit of reflection, the tints, tones, and textiles of Spartina’s Callawassie line pay a bright and lively homage to the beauty that lies just beyond the causeway.

This line can be found online, out in the coastal wild, in stores, or for 120 lucky guests, at the Spartina fashion show last March 14th on the island for which it was named. In creating the inspiration pieces for the line, Spartina honored Callawassie Island’s continuous “focus on connecting its community to its natural surroundings.” “Inspired by the flora and fauna of the island,” Spartina says, describing the line’s textiles, “our Callawassie collection features warm floral patterns and signature lowcountry icons.”

The connection between Callawassie Island and Spartina is more than just a random pairing of two local legends. There’s a longstanding relational history with the brand’s founder and CEO Kay Stanley to both the island community and residents like Claire Parkinson. After Stanley visited the island years back as a guest speaker for the CI Women’s Club, Parkinson and she connected about events like the Friends and Family sale and the well-known Warehouse sale in a participation partnership that has grown from 10 or so the first year to 30+ today.

It was through this involvement that the seed was planted, botanical pun intended, for Spartina to design 6 collections all are named after Callawassie Island. “In their present Spring-Summer catalogue are all the Callawassie collections, which are all available at the pro shop. When you first open the catalog, you immediately get a description of Callawassie Island and where it’s located.” Parkinson encourages, “I recommend going over and reading the descriptions behind the different names: Calm Waters, Hamilton, Callawassie, River Club, Marsh Hens and Sugar Mill. The history of the island is so well depicted, and the people of the island are mentioned.”

That mention is a reflection of the personal intentionality Stanley infuses into all the brand does. Parkinson explains, “I was told by Kay when I emailed her about having a fashion show here after hearing about the line, that she wanted to honor the women of this island who have done so much to promote her business. Plus, the ticket sales revenue for the warehouse sale are distributed to various charities. A few years ago, Spartina even gave the Friends of Callawassie Island a sizable donation. I was impressed and pleased when we received that but feel especially honored as a resident here that she developed this whole line which is the largest most comprehensive line they’ve developed so far.”

The fashion show itself was a raving success with lunch provided by celebrated CI Executive Chef RJ Dye and island representatives working closely with Christy Sheets from Spartina, but where that was a one-day event, the here-to-stay release of the Callawassie Collection is something to celebrate year-round with any of the 100+ items that bear the island’s name. Midi dresses in Hibiscus stripe, Tahlia Jerseys in seafoam flowers, palmetto patterns from neutrals to succulent blossom reds, pink pineapples and khaki cane prints, and you can’t get much more Carolina isles than the straw basket handbag selections, in every size and style from crossbody and drawstring to wristlet and tote.

When the sweet swaying splendor of Spartina meets the “calm waters” of Callawassie Island, what grows from that pairing is a line of warmth, balance, and connection you can wear on your sleeve. Visit the Spartina 449 website or the CI Pro Shop to shop the “relaxed-luxe” look for yourself and live lavishly in the lush look of the lowcountry.