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Join The Club – It’s So Much Better Together

Finding Friends and Forging Lasting Connections through over 35 Active Callawassie Clubs

The Language of Connection

Take a tour through the bylines and bylaws of any Callawassie Island club, new or old, and you see a certain balance of phrases and invitations begin to jump off the page like a fish in the basin. They’re all singing the same song:

Everyone’s welcome.

No experience needed; you can learn with us.

You’ll meet your neighbors and make friends on day one – and every day out.

There’s something for everyone – if you love it, there’s likely a club for it.

Don’t see what you’re searching for? Start it! You make Island Life richer.

There’s a longer list of go-to-phrases that guests and residents use alike when they speak of their home-across-the-(cause)way that are just as warm and relational as club conversations. Everyone who steps foot on the lush and beloved landscape effuses of the stunning first impression, the instant connection, the warm welcome, the experience of place and coming home, the beauty and benevolence, the balance of excitement and peace, and an incomparable sense of belonging. These are each inspired by myriad elements of what coming to Callawassie comprises, but every one of them can be experienced at once, when you join (or even just visit) your club of choice. From scenery to “seeing and being seen,” the Clubs at Callawassie are your way to have it all.

The LUXURY of Choice

So many clubs … so little time? That’s part of the appeal of living on “island time” – for most Callawassie residents, you’re not on vacation. You LIVE here. That’s the definition of “resort LIVING” and nowhere is that clarion call clearer than the still growing roster of special interests clubs and organizations curated by and for residents to meet every imaginable social interaction need. Some of these clubs are in their third decade, some are in their third meeting, but at each you’re met with enthusiasm, shared passion, and the ambition to take that interest as far as it can go whether that means trips, tournaments, teachers, or just tides and times together.

Just to name a few…

  • Family Club: New to the island, just like many of its younger members, the CIFC is one of the fastest growing and most diverse, taking several club focuses (i.e., golf, kayak, etc.) and other activities and making them family friendly to incorporate all ages and the schedules of working families.
  • Men’s & Women’s Golf: Not surprisingly the #1 clubs, considering they’re anchored in a nationally celebrated golf community developed around the 27-hole Tom Fazio championship course, now on the back half of a 3-year major renovation.
  • Women’s Club: Next to Men’s Golf, the ladies have bragging rights for oldest club on the island – the club of course, not the gals, who are a diverse subset committed to making a difference by meeting needs on island and in the surrounding community.
  • Blind Squirrels: “The most fun you can have playing golf,” say the Squirrels and arguing that in this well-attended group would be nuts.
  • Tennis Club: The self-proclaimed, “Party Team with a Tennis Problem” ranges (like many CI clubs) from first lesson ever to competitive tourneys.
  • Pickleball Club: “The fastest growing sport in America” has a home on the island, an addictive and light-handed way to try your hand at the courts.
  • Photography Club: Give it a shot. What better place to lean into you passion for finding beauty in frame, than in the “picture perfect” paradise of Callawassie?
  • Paddlers (Kayak) Club: Get out on the water with friends – on Callawassie, you’re gently surrounded by both. “Grab a paddle, and a hand.”
  • Fishing Club: Get Hooked on one of the most hands-on ways to be interactive with the winding waterways, learning from local guides and experts or just taking it easy.
  • Ecology Club: Thanks to the work of this environmental impact education and preservation club, CI was the first South Carolina community to be recognized as a National Wildlife Federations Community Habitat!
  • Garden Club: “Where any conversation is a veritable conservatory class and a farmer’s almanac of Lowcountry landscaping,” offshoots here have turned into sustainable or farm-to-fork collaborations with the CI Chef and kitchens.
  • Sporting Clays: Often referred to as “Golf with a Shotgun,” this club was a match made in heaven when added to the CI roster in recent years and one of the fewer in the immediate area.
  • FOCI: While all CI clubs are committed to “giving back,” the Friends of Callawassie Island make it their main focus and the club’s full-time job to “Nourish our Neighboring Communities.”

Barely a handful of highlights, these are only a few favorite ways to get connected, active, and involved with others and the outdoors, living in your island home. There’s more where that came from and new endeavors embarking every year, so if you have an interest, there’s either a thriving group waiting for you, or a group of your neighbors quietly waiting for you to launch the next greatest Callawassie Island Club.

Friends Along the Way

Without a doubt, Callawassie Island Clubs & Organizations are the best place to connect, meet your neighbor, and build lasting relationships. Whether it’s a lifelong passion or just a budding interest you’d like to explore, Callawassie Island is intentional about cultivating places for residents to grow as individuals and grow together as a community. Whatever you love, whatever you’re searching for, whatever makes you feel at home, you’re sure to find something that speaks your language and “make lifelong friends along the way.”