Kids Camp | Callawassie Island

Kids Camp

Henry Diercxsens, a Callawassie Island member, started Kids Camp years ago as a way that the kids who met each other at Christmas time and other holidays, could see each other again in the summer. Callawassie Kids Camp offers an exciting way for kids of all ages to learn, laugh, grow, and play! The kids look forward to seeing their friends year after year and making connections that last a lifetime after camp. After all, aren’t the friendships the best part of camp?

Throughout their time, campers are familiarized with the local ecology and are taught how to enjoy and take care of the beautiful nature of Callawassie Island. Campers also can play golf, tennis and participate in an array of arts and crafts. One of the special activities campers can be part of is learning how to kayak. Starting with just a little paddle, the kids become expert kayakers making their way around the island waterways.

A huge carnival celebration is hosted on the last day of camp for both the children and their families to come together one last time. By the last day of camp, success is achieved when everyone has a new friend from their camp experience, including their parents and grandparents! We love seeing Callawassie Kids Camp grow year after year with familiar faces and new ones.