Callawassie Island Ecology | Callawassie Island

Callawassie Island Ecology Committee

Callawassie has you at the causeway, it’s just a spectacular environment. You feel like you’re entering a sanctified space as you drive into the community. Callawassie Island was the first community in South Carolina to be recognized as a National Wildlife Federations Community Habitat. Thanks to the Ecology Committee, local residents worked together on caring so greatly for their backyard to achieve this communal title. The saltwater marshes attract a variety of shore birds, crabs, fish and plants. The Live Oak Trees are the premier species of tree that creates a unique southern style forest providing sanctuary for deer, armadillos, alligators, southern fox squirrels as well as other plants and insects. Educational programs are constantly being offered to engage residents in the preservation tactics used for the sea islands. Environmental impact education is of high priority for this naturally stunning community. Callawassie Island is like no other lowcountry landscape, the island immediately captures visitors in awe of its breathtaking views of the rare waterways.