“A Coastal Community Where Active Living Unfolds in Lowcountry Style” | Callawassie Island


After looking for three years along the Southeastern coast, Callawassie Island member, Patty Dimetres, and her husband, finally found their vision of the perfect Lowcountry coastal community in person, a place where suddenly all their check-boxes started to be filled – Callawassie Island.

In this video, Patty shares her excitement for a few of the activities she partakes in on Callawassie Island. Between learning the topography of a different part of the country through the Callawassie Island Garden Club and taking on the game of golf with “The Blind Squirrels”, Patty has found that she becomes overbooked pretty quickly. Something that she did not anticipate, but has found a true delight in.

“[Callawassie Island] is a forgiving, friendly, social [place] – and is just a lot of fun!”

Callawassie Island – where active living unfolds in Lowcountry style.