“Up Close and Personal”: The Callawassie Island Photography Club | Callawassie Island

Do you enjoy photography as much as we do? How about macro photography?

The term “photo-macrograph” was coined in 1899 by W. H. Walmsley, representing close-up images with less than 10 diameters magnification. Macro photography has been selected as the Callawassie Island Photography Club’s annual exhibit theme for 2017.

Photography Club Secretary, Joan Eckhardt, tells us that this year’s upcoming exhibit, dubbed “Up Close and Personal,” will be held in the Dogwood Room at the Callawassie Island Clubhouse; photos will remain on display from Friday, November 10 through Sunday, November 12. “The focus this year features macro photography, such as an extreme close up of a bird’s beak, or a personal expression of affection. Every year, the exhibit generates a buzz with both Callawassie Island residents and Photography Club members. An estimated 30 people will feature their work, submitting around 75 photos.”

“The show is really quite handsome,” says Eckhardt. “The subject matter runs the gamut, from literal to abstract. We pass around hors d’oeuvres and drink wine as people view their work and the work of their close friends.”  Every photograph is presented in the same format: 11×14”, mounted on foam board panels, with no framing expenses for participants.

“What really sets the Callawassie Island Photography Club – and our exhibit – apart from others is that it is not super competitive. The exhibit is not judged by trained judges, but rather by our fellow Callawassie islanders, and a Viewer’s Choice award goes to the top three.”

The Callawassie Island Photography Club is a unique club in that it supports all different types of photographers. Whether camera phone shutterbugs or full-blown professionals, everyone is welcome.

A great feature of the club is its Mentoring Program. Members take budding photographers under their wing, sharing unique abilities and tips for great shots. The satisfaction that grows from this kind of comraderie is apparent from the members’ glowing enthusiasm for promoting new membership.

“New people can join at any time and there are mentors to help you navigate your camera,” Melinda Welker says. “It’s a social club as much as it is a learning club, and that’s really in keeping with the spirit of Callawassie Island.”

For every club participant, invaluable connections – and friendships – are made. Each member contributes to the development of new knowledge and skills, learning the ins and outs of photography and exploring what aspect of photography interests them most.

Much of the Photography Club’s work is used for cross-promotional purposes, as well. The Photography Club is very special to our members in that it allows for collaboration with the other clubs around the island. “For example, we work with the Callawassie Island Ecology Club to identify species,” Welker says.

This helps our residents get together and enjoy socialization combined with the hobby of photography.

You may have already seen some of the Club’s photographers at many special events here. “We like to attend all the special events on Callawassie Island to document all the great things going on here,” member Gene Durick adds.

Our gorgeous island also provides the ideal backdrop for learning about nature photography. To capture and document all the natural beauty here on Callawassie Island is seen as a great privilege. Club photographers often say that they are very fortunate to be residents of Callawassie Island while fellow residents consider themselves very lucky to have these sharpshooters permanently capture the bounty of natural wonders in the place they call home. “The beauty of Callawassie Island is overwhelming sometimes,” says Durick.

The Photography Club is a casual, informal, no-frills social club, whose members love exploring new ways to express their art while honing their photography skills within a supportive community. The club’s annual dues are only $20, but members may incur some fees for certain events, speakers or presenters. Interested parties may inquire directly through the Callawassie Island Photography Website where you will find the Club Membership Application and contact information.

In the spirit of supporting each other’s talents and shared creative expressions through art, the Photography Club members invite you to join them at this year’s annual exhibit, “Up Close and Personal”, on Saturday, November 11 from 6 – 9 p.m. You won’t want to miss this year’s macro photography pieces! Photos will remain on display from Friday, November 10 through Monday, November 12. Be sure to vote for your favorite!