Golf Warm Up Exercises | Callawassie Island

Golfing is one of many activities available on Callawassie Island. With 27 holes, whether you choose the Dogwood course, the Magnolia course or the Palmetto course, any day spent golfing on Callawassie Island is a day well spent. The legendary Tom Fazio took advantage of our island’s natural beauty to create intriguing visual drama and superb playability when designing Callawassie Island’s private, award-winning, championship golf course. Rated among the top courses in South Carolina, the Callawassie Island Tom Fazio golf courses feature distinct character and offers challenges appropriate for every skill level.  Golf is part of our island community, so our three distinct nines were recently enhanced by a four-million-dollar renovation.

While golfing may not require heavy lifting, running or fast-paced physical movement, that does not disregard the need to stretch and be well prepared for your day of golf. It is best to start your day by taking a brisk walk. This will get your heart rate up, and help energize you for your rounds. Make some small practice swings before you go through all 18-holes. This is important because you can practice the movements and help your body get accustomed to the club, and make sure that all muscles get a good pre-stretch in your golf warm up exercises.

Before you take your first swing at the first hole, do some golf stretching routines. Supported squats will help with your balance, and to get the blood flowing in your legs. Next, do some arm swings. This will open up your shoulders and help you feel loose. Bend from side-to-side to help stretch out the muscles you will use when you follow through for that hole-in-one. Wrist extensions will help make sure you get a good grip on the club, and a good neck stretch will help for when you turn your head just after you make the perfect shot.

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