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Featured Image: Tom Fazio Golf Course


Cross the causeway to your own natural island paradise. Callawassie Island is the first community in South Carolina to be designated a Community Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation and now has more than 200 homes certified as Backyard Habitats. Play golf, walk, ride a bike, or kayak among moss-covered oaks and magnolias and enjoy wood storks, herons, egrets, anhinga, bald eagles, red-tailed hawks, and osprey. Watch painted buntings at your backyard feeder.

Callawassie Island's breathtaking natural beauty, flourishing foliage, and abundant wildlife, supported by our sub-tropical climate, frame every aspect of life on the island. Whether you're kayaking in the ever-changing beauty of the salt marsh, hitting an approach shot between a column of live oaks, fishing in one of our lagoons, or relaxing at the pool overlooking the river, nature is to be enjoyed.

Callawassie Island Awarded Community Wildlife Habitat Certification

Callawassie Island was the first community in South Carolina to receive this prestigious award and only the 15th in the country.

Callawassie Island is a unique and pristine sea island community with a diverse and ecologically sound habitat that supports the island's abundant flora and fauna. The Community Wildlife Habitat program reflects a community-wide commitment to maintaining a balance between the natural environment and continued planned development of the island.

Practical advantages of preserving the natural habitat for wildlife include:

  • Erosion control
  • Prevention of fertilizer runoff into our lagoons, marsh, and rivers.
  • Moderation of the air temperature
  • A buffer to damage from high winds
  • Increased property values

We are pleased to have the advice and support of Dr. Chris Marsh, Director, Low Country Institute, Spring Island, in identifying our island's ecologic characteristics and making recommendations on how to manage and preserve our natural wildlife habitat areas.

Callawassie Island Ecology Guide

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