Island living callawassie style

Driving across your private, 1/4 mile causeway, you leave behind the rest of the world and enter your own personal paradise: convenient, active, friendly, and secure.  There is no commercial activity on the island.  It's just us.

Living at Callawassie Island means surrounding yourself with the best of everything the Lowcountry offers. Experience Tom Fazio golf among ancient oaks, tidal marshes, and coastal rivers. Celebrate your active lifestyle amid a community of outgoing friends. There is so very much to do - sailing, boating, tennis, fishing, kayaking, and more - all from your front door.  Plus shopping, fine dining, healthcare, beaches, and historic treasures are all within a short, easy drive.

Callawassie Island's friendly, relaxed tone promotes strong bonds among the island's residents. Golfers, boaters, tennis players, bridge players, and gardeners get to know each other through special club events and the vast choices of activities and clubs. Neighbors celebrate joyful events together and are always on hand to pitch in when needed. Callawassie Island is more than a beautiful place with first-rate amenities, it's a vibrant, dynamic community.

  • Callawassie Island is home to 500 families, with over half being full-time residents. The remainder spend much of the year here; a few treat the island as a vacation paradise.
  • Families hail from the United States and all over the world, especially Great Britain.

Member Owned since 2001

Member ownership ensures that residents control the direction of Callawassie Island, the clubs, and the beautiful, natural setting. Callawassie Island is a thriving community with strong member participation in the governing of the island through boards and committees. 

Membership in the Callawassie Island Club allows you access to first-rate golf, tennis, swimming, kayaking, fitness, dining, and more. A natural-island gated community with round-the-clock security provides safety second to none. Island Membership is part of being a resident, assuring a strong financial foundation for our community. Thanks to this solid structure, amenities continue to improve, infrastructure is constantly maintained, and the island’s appearance is always a top priority. Additionally, healthy financial reserves are in place for emergencies. 

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