Healthy and Happy Lifestyle

Fitness is a hallmark of Callawassie Island's lifestyle, and we like to say there are many individual paths to health. Walking, running, biking, and kayaking around the island are popular social pastimes of many residents, with parks, docks, tidal marshes, and other points of interest along the way.

Our certified Fitness Coordinator helps members with conditioning routines and instructs our new members in the proper use of the equipment. The Coordinator teaches conditioning and aerobics classes and manages the use of outside instructors to teach classes in yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, and other fitness disciplines. We also offer nutritional programs, health screenings, and guest instructor programs.


The bright fitness center is outfitted with Cybex equipment for weight training as well as treadmills, stationary bicycles, and elliptical trainers for cardio workouts. Free weights and other gymnasium equipment are available to match almost any rigorous exercise regimen.

The special aerobics room incorporates a cushioned hardwood floor to make floor impact easier. Mats, bars, medicine balls, and steps provide the equipment needed for an enhanced aerobic workout. Equipment is installed to allow the use of exercise videos for individual or class use.

Fitness Around The Island


Callawassie Island is friendly for both runners and walkers with beautiful vistas throughout the island and along the golf courses, marshes, and river.


The two swimming pools are perfect for both recreational and fitness swimming.  The Fitness Coordinator conducts swim programs to challenge residents of all swim levels.


Callawassie has an active Cycling Club.  The size and terrain of the island is perfect for biking fun!  You can go for a short easy ride, or continue for a longer distance while never leaving the safety of the island.