Inspirational Beauty

Callawassie Island provides inspiration for exploring the arts, from painting to photography.  The sparkling water, warmth of the sun, beauty of the live oaks, and wildlife are the perfect backdrop for creativity.  Callawassie Island residents are active patrons to the local art scene, including the University of South Carolina Center for the Arts, Port Royal Sound Foundation Maritime Center, The Art Council of Beaufort, and other organizations.


Callawassie Island is a photographer's paradise.  The active photo club has something for everyone, from novices to advanced photographers.  Activities include two annual theme-based exhibits, area field trips, workshops, expert speakers, and programs for local community centers such as the Port Royal Sound Foundation Maritime Center. The Photography provided all of the wonderful photos throughout the website that truly capture the stunning natural essence of Callawassie Island.

Music and Special Events

Callawassie Island residents enjoy many arts programs each year from local musicians, artists, ecologists, master gardeners, and the Callawassie Chorus.